Washington State Roof Maintenance 101

The roof on your home or building needs regular maintenance just like the floors and electrical panel and everything else in the structure. So, here’s what you need to know:

  1. Inspect it.

We’re not recommending that everyone gets on a ladder and climbs around on the roof. But you do need to take a look at it, especially after a big storm with high winds or hail. And in any case, look at it at least once a year.

Walk away from the structure and look. Do you see any roof shakes or shingles or tiles that aren’t laying flat? Do you see any that are missing? Do you see any tiles that are curling? These are all clear signs that your roof needs some maintenance.

And if you’re not sure what to look for, then hire a professional to take a look. You’re always better off paying a few dollars for prevention rather than thousands of dollars for a cure to a problem that you left for too long.

  • Do you suspect a leak?

Do you notice any wet areas on the ceiling? That’s a clear indication that you might have a leak.

Although wet areas on the ceiling don’t always mean the roof is leaking. Sometimes when there are several freeze and thaw cycles with heavy snow, you can get an ice damn forming over the gutters that can funnel water into the house, but it’s not the fault of the roof.

Go in your attic with a flashlight and aim the beam on the exterior walls. Do you see any discoloration of any wood or plywood? That’s something to investigate further. And again, if you don’t want to or can’t do this yourself, let a professional do it.

  • Keep the roof clean.

Roofs that collect dirt and leaves and moss need to be cleaned on a regular basis–professionally. Dirt and debris that sits on the roof all the time can cut down on the life of the roof.

Maintaining your roof can add to its life, and not maintaining it can mean that you have to replace it prematurely. Pay some attention to your roof, especially in Washington, where we have high winds, heavy rains, and long hard winters.

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