Ice dams are a fact of life in the Spokane area. They cause severe water damage to the exterior and also the interior as gravity pulls water inside of your home, causing a massive amount of structural damage and mold growth.

So what can you do? Your best would be to take the steps necessary to keep dams from forming in the first place. Proper attic insulation & ventilation are the most important elements in preventing ice dams from forming.

5 Ways to Prevent Ice Damage on Your Roof 1

But, what do you do when a dam forms, and you see or suspect damage?

Step One

First, get rid of any built up snow using a roof rake (used for single family homes with pitched roofs) or shoveling it off (on flat roofs, or when there’s a significant amount of snow).

Step Two

After step one, start removing the ice dam by breaking it up into small chunks, but be very careful not to damage your roof further, or hurt yourself.

Step Three

Carefully inspect your roof and gutters for leaks when you discover an ice dam. Go up into the attic and check the underside of the roof around the dam area and make sure there are no major leaks or issues.

Step Four

If you spot problems, have a professional examine your roof surface. Your roofing inspection contractor should be looking for dark patches, missing or damaged shingles, water streaking down the side of the house, signs of uneven melting/freezing, damp attic insulation, sagging boards, signs of mold and mildew – all of these can be signs of ice dam damage. In addition to identifying the source of the leak, your roofing contractor will detail a plan to repair the damage to your roof. If it appears that mold has formed, you’ll also want to contact a contractor who is licensed in identifying and mitigating mold. Mold can be a serious health hazard, and removal is best left to an expert!

Step Five

Call Your Local Roofing Contractor
If you suspect your roof has been damaged and needs repairs – whether because of ice dams or otherwise – the best advice we can give you is to seek out the expertise and advice of an experienced, local roofing contractor. And All Roofing Solutions is ready to help!

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