A Full Range Of Interior And Exterior Remodeling Services In Spokane, WA

A Full Range Of Interior And Exterior Remodeling Services In Spokane, WA

When people in the Spokane, WA area are asked which rooms of their home they would most like to upgrade, the answer is overwhelmingly the kitchen and the master bathroom. These are two areas of the house that can quickly begin to look dated, or they are perhaps not practical and well-designed and need an upgrade. 

At B&V Home Improvements, we provide a full range of interior and exterior remodeling services. This includes our specialization in kitchen and bath renovations. We offer a range of different service options to suit the budgets of our customers. 

Options to Consider

Depending on your goals, replacing fixtures and updating countertops, flooring, and even lighting in these rooms is a very low cost option for a kitchen or bathroom renovation project. Typically, new appliances are added to a kitchen renovation to give a new look to the space. 

Another option for kitchen and bath renovations is a complete remodeling project. Moving walls, creating more space, and adding design features can make an older home look brand new. While this is more involved, it is a service that can make your existing home your dream home. 

Full Interior And Exterior Remodeling 

In addition to kitchens and bathrooms, we can upgrade or renovate any room in your home. We also provide exterior remodeling, which allows the homeowner to add a new look or addition to the existing home. 

If you have always wanted an attached garage, a deck, outdoor living space, or perhaps a wraparound porch on your Spokane, WA, home, talk to the team at B&V Home Improvements, we can provide you with a free quote for your planned remodel.

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