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A Legacy of Quality and Professionalism

Our company was founded by Bob Barnes, a Spokane, WA local, in 1989. He made it a priority to provide precise, timely home remodeling work. Through it all, he has also created a tight-knit family-oriented work environment that allows his employees to feel valued and respected. Now the company is being entrusted to his son, Robert Barnes, a Veteran in the U.S. Army and a man dedicated to maintaining his father’s legacy by continuing his company’s commitment to excellence in every job, from residential roofing to repainting kitchens.

B&V continues to grow everyday thanks to the confidence our clients have in us.

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Balance of Life & Work

At B&V, We spend the majority of our grind time with our fellow co-workers and we believe in the importance of a Family-Oriented team. A working environment should always be a family environment. Curating a family-oriented business culture allows our employees not to only feel that they’re an important piece of the company, but to actually feel like they’re at home, with their family, at this company.

Family of Veterans

B&V started in 1989 by Bob Barnes, A Veteran in the U.S Army. 30 Years later, the company is now being placed in the hands of his son Robert Barnes. A father, husband and a son dedicated to his fathers legacy. The Barnes family is what represents B&V Home Improvements, and we want to show our family values in our work.

Diverse Sets of Skills

With over 30 years of expertise in the home remodeling industry, we’ve been able to acquire a set of home improvement skills. Skills such ass roofing, painting, fencing, & more.

Top Trained Employees

Our top priority is to provide quality and excellence in our work. That’s why each and every one of our members is a highly-trained skilled roofing expert. Safety is also one of our main priorities. Whenever we bring in a new member to our team they are required to undergo a safety course, along with our weekly team safety meetings.

The company


We’re looking for long-term relationships with the people who work with us. Spokane is our home, and we want our home to be in the best conditions possible. That’s what makes B&V thrive.

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