Importance of roof maintenance.

A commercial roof has an average lifespan of 10-30+ years depending upon which system was used when originally installed. For instance, a TPO roof system (Thermoplastic Polyolefin) is a cost-effective roof system but has the shortest life-expectancy: 10-20 years.  Whereas an EPDM or rubberized membrane system is expected to last 25-30+ years. The number of years it should last is not necessarily the real lifespan of your commercial roof system.

Have the roof inspected regularly

Periodic inspections by a qualified roofing contractor can extend the life of your roof. It is recommended that you have your roof inspected twice a year – usually in the spring and the fall. The usual places where the roofing system will start to fail is around pipes that extend up through the roof and around rooftop systems such as heat and air conditioning units that are mounted directly to the roof deck. These are areas that cannot be entirely covered by the original commercial roof system, and where they penetrate the surface of the TPO, EPDM or Hot Mop surface, are reinforced with a membrane and adhesive sealer. If these secondary roof seals break down and fail, they can cause the entire system to require replacement before it should.

Use a qualified commercial roofing contractor

Having a semi-annual roof inspection is the right thing to do but make sure you are using a contractor that has years of experience in commercial roofing.  Make sure they are familiar with the type of environmental pressures a roof undergoes in the Spokane area – that means you want a local contractor. Moreover, make sure they are qualified to make the necessary repairs or replace the entire roof system should that become necessary. Give B&V Home Improvements a call today for a free and friendly quote