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If your home needs to be renovated, you may be tempted to take care of it on your own. You may feel that taking care of your own renovation is a great way to save time and money. However, it is better to hire a home improvement company in Spokane, WA, instead of trying to take care of it on your own.

We service all different types of roofing needs. From commercial to residential we’ve got you covered. See what makes us Spokane’s favorite roofing company. With over 30 years of experience there’s nothing we can’t handle.

Our goal is to provide Spokane with the most professional roofing services imaginable. We pride ourselves on our expertise. From start to finish you will feel comfortable with your investment with B&V. We would love to work with you.

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Residential Roofing in Spokane Washington

When it comes to protecting your home, your roof is critical. Our team provides residential roofing throughout Spokane, WA. When you put us to work for you, you can count on quality construction and superior workmanship.

Contact our team today to learn more about our residential roofing options, including re-roofing, roof repair, and new roof installation. We also provide new construction roofing. Ask us about roofing inspections for your home, too.

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Commercial Roofing in Spokane Washington

Expect the very best when you turn to our commercial roofing contractors in Spokane, WA. When it comes to protecting the structure of your building, there is nothing more important than the roof. Let our team provide an annual inspection or make repairs to existing problems.

We also can help with commercial roof replacement, patching, and coatings. Ask us about the best options for the roof over your business. Expect quality construction from our licensed and insured professionals.

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Frequent Inspections of Your Roof by a Qualified Contractor is the Smart Way to Avoid Replacing it too Soon

Have the roof inspected regularly
Periodic inspections by a qualified roofing contractor can extend the life of your roof. It is recommended that you have your roof inspected twice a year – usually in the spring and the fall. The usual places where the roofing system will start to fail is around pipes that extend up through the roof and around rooftop systems such as heat and air conditioning units that are mounted directly to the roof deck. These are areas that cannot be entirely covered by the original commercial roof system, and where they penetrate the surface of the TPO, EPDM or Hot Mop surface, are reinforced with a membrane and adhesive sealer. If these secondary roof seals break down and fail, they can cause the entire system to require replacement before it should.
Use a qualified commercial roofing contractor

Having a semi-annual roof inspection is the right thing to do but make sure you are using a contractor that has years of experience in commercial roofing.  Make sure they are familiar with the type of environmental pressures a roof undergoes in the Spokane area – that means you want a local contractor. Moreover, make sure they are qualified to make the necessary repairs or replace the entire roof system should that become necessary.

Frequent inspections of your roof will save you a lot of money and hassle in the long run. Our inspection specialists analyze the health of your roof and provide you with a clear rapport on how things are looking, and what you can expect over the years.

We are professionals with a history of quality roofing services in the Spokane Washington region. We are highly rated and hold a high standard when it comes to our work on your roof. There are many roofing companies in Spokane. But we’re the best. Find out for yourself. Call today.

Some Major Benefits From a New Roof

Energy Savings

If you cringe every time you receive your energy bill, you may want to check the condition of your roof. Regular roof maintenance can help ensure that you are not losing hot or cold air through your roof. When something like that happens, your furnace or air conditioner needs to work that much harder to keep the temperature inside your home maintained.

Family Safety

Chances are, your roof was last repaired or replaced probably 30-40 years ago. This increases the chance of harmful molds spreading to the house and potentially causing some health issues. This is why it is so important to remember to maintain your roof properly. We all know the phrase “well, you’ve got a roof over your head” but is it a safe roof?

Increased Home Value

Most roof remodeling jobs can be recouped at about 60-70% when selling your home, and it is one of the key selling points for a home as well.

Curb Appeal

Realtors estimate that as much as 40 percent of your home’s curb appeal is directly linked to your roof. A new roof makes your home much easier to sell.

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