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A Full Range Of Interior And Exterior Remodeling Services In Spokane, WA

Excellence and quality are our top work priorities, and we will bring our three decades of experience into every job we perform, whether it’s for a residential home or a small business or a commercial project. We tackle the remodeling of kitchens and bathrooms alike, whether it’s installing new appliances, shiny new countertops, comfortable flooring and lighting, or any other project. We cover a variety of interior and exterior home renovations, from painting to fencing and beyond. We are also outstanding commercial and residential roofing contractors, able to expertly replace worn-out roofs and attentive to the unique needs of each of our customers. Our precise, timely work makes us stand out from the crowd, and our competitive pricing and free quotes guarantee quality workmanship on an inexpensive budget.

We offer free quotes & competitive pricing!

Cost is always one of the first thing that comes to mind when tackling a big project at home. We want to be fully transparent with you on what it is going to cost in materials and labor. This way you can get an accurate estimate before we start working and you can know that you’ve made the right choice by choosing us.

When people in the Spokane, WA, are asked which rooms of their home they would most like to upgrade, the answer is overwhelmingly the kitchen and the master bathroom. These are two areas of the house that can quickly begin to look dated, or they are perhaps not practical and well-designed and need an upgrade.

At B&V Home Improvements, we provide a full range of interior and exterior remodeling services. This includes our specialization in kitchen and bath renovations. We offer a range of different service options to suit the budgets of our customers.

Kitchen & Bath Renovations

Depending on your goals, replacing fixtures and updating countertops, flooring, and even lighting in these rooms is a very low cost option for a kitchen or bathroom renovation project. Typically, new appliances are added to a kitchen renovation to give a new look to the space.

Another option for kitchen and bath renovations is a complete remodeling project. Moving walls, creating more space, and adding design features can make an older home look brand new. While this is more involved, it is a service that can make your existing home your dream home.

Kitchen & Bath Renovations

In addition to kitchens and bathrooms, we can upgrade or renovate any room in your home. We also provide exterior remodeling, which allows the homeowner to add a new look or addition to the existing home.

If you have always wanted an attached garage, a deck, outdoor living space, or perhaps a wraparound porch on your Spokane, WA, home, talk to the team at B&V Home Improvements, we can provide you with a free quote for your planned remodel.

The Right Remodeling Project Can Give You The Home You've Always Dreamed Of

Buying a new home is not always the answer to finding the home of your dreams. Homeowners are discovering that renovating their existing home can be a better solution. Moving is expensive and creates stress. Staying where you and customizing your home to meet your new needs is easier on the budget and the nerves.

For many people, the bathroom and kitchen are the two rooms usually considered first when improving the look and feel of their home. These two home improvement projects offer unlimited opportunities if you let your creativity flow and you don’t have to break the bank.

4 Benefits That Come With A Newly Remodeled Home

  • Energy Savings

Most older appliances are definitely NOT energy efficient. With today’s growing technology has brought some quite energy efficient appliances to the market. Look for refrigerators and dishwashers that have the Energy Star label, which signifies that they meet or exceed the energy efficiency standards set by the EPA (environmental protection agency).

  • Improved Functionality

Are things feeling out of place when trying to handle your kitchen business? Are cabinets in awkward places? Are drawers getting in the way of the fridge door when opening? A new remodeled kitchen or bathroom can give you full advantage of design when you partner with us. We want your home dreams to become realities!

  • Increased Home Value

Most kitchen and bath remodel jobs can be recouped at about 70-80% when selling your home, and it is one of the key selling points for a home also. Just some food-for-thought!

  • Psychological Benefits

Depending on how long ago your kitchen was last updated, chances are it could use a visual enhancement. And believe it or not there’s even a major psychological benefit to updating your home and living space! Have you ever had a deep serene feeling after rearranging your room or your house? It’s the same thing with remodeling your living space, just on a lot larger scale

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